Helloooooo LazerGNators!

Helloooo there and welcome! This is such an exciting moment for me!!! Ive been waiting to get an official website for such a long time and the time has finally came. I hope you are as excited as I am! Also this is all new to me, I mean… I haven’t written any diaries for such a loooooong time, its just difficult to keep up with everything in my busy life! Haha. As you already know twitter was and still is the closest thing to the diary I have. I ca literally say whatever I feel like and I don’t feel that I will be judged or hated because it’s my twitter, if you don’t like me, silly – don’t follow me 😉 Even with twitter recently, I sometimes struggle to keep up. So this diary will be a bit challenging for me. But hey, I’ll try my best just for you!! 🙂 Did you guys know that you can comment on my posts? So you can ask me whatever and tell me what you think of what I told you or say whatever you want seriously. 🙂 I hope you will be interested in keep reading it since the numbers of you are very small at the moment, but I am doing this for you. And I hope our numbers will soon grow. I am trying my best and I appreciate any help and support that I get from you, that goes especially to my dearest best friend Georgia Ingham, and to my colleague and a good friend – Athena Langan who both support me so much and love my music. oh God, these two got themselves a top with my album cover on it and “LazerGirl Nr. 1 Fan” title, and my whole playlist at the back!!! How sweet is that?? they surprised me with it on my bday, and oh I got one too! <3 Bless them. Also huge thanks for being there right from begging of my career to my fan from Russia – Kristina Khrulkova, also to Natalya Rachkova and another girl from Latvia – Liza Vilgerte. Those are the people who have always been there for me and I am super grateful for all of their support!


Enough of the lovely-dobely stuff.. 😀
New music is coming out soon!
As you know I have promised you BLUE soon, although it is going to be held back a little longer. (SORRY!!!)
The reason for it is that I am willing to release it with the music video together, which I will hopefully start shooting soon! But until then, I have Broken Link coming out for you and possibly few more. If you’re following my social media you probably have seen a few sneaky-peaky vids! 😉 if you didn’t make sure to follow/subscribe me and stay tuned!


I believe this is it for my first ever post. I love you so much guys, you rock! And you keep me going!!! Shall we try and make new diary posts every Thursday?? I will try my best. 😉


  • Much love, Yours LazerGirl, xo

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