2nd post and I’m still new to this :D

Hello people.. I still can’t get used to writing a diary, this is super weird for me. Im not actually sure what exactly I have to tell you this week.. hmm lets see. I’ve been working as usual, nothing changes here.. I really absolutely enjoyed my day off though! Thursday!! was great. Did karaoke night with my close friends, and I guess in the way it helped my confidence a bit more?? My friends haven’t actually heard me sing in person before, weird huh? 😀 Anyways.. Before Thursday I had my usual routine of work and work experience at Latest TV where I did another interview, it is getting better and better too I believe. So things are going very well for me. I hope you are well guys? In case you didn’t know you can actually comment on my posts 🙂 Ohhhhhh the exciting news!!! “WAVES” is coming out super soon! Basically its done! I just need to find time and make a cover picture for it then it is all ready to be publicised! SO stay tuned and keep an eye for it to come out! It is a ROCK song. Yes. You read that right.. I don’t do rock but hey ho, I think it sounds great. In fact my friends heard it and sad its one of my best songs now???? So I hope you will like it too. I guess that is it for now. Wish I had more to say, but not much has actually happened to me. You know how busy I am ugh 🙂

Ohh well actually.. I have applied for a twitter verification and .. I am still waiting to hear from them. (scared) well not really but like I hope I do get it, it is on my wish list. One of my dreams and would mean so much to me, you should know that. So fingers crossed. Hopefully now since I even got a website ill get it. If not, I guess its not the right time for it and we’ll have to try harder next time 🙂

That is it for today. I’ll try write more next time (if my life gets more interesting in such short time) 😀 😀 😀 hahaha


  • Much love, LazerGirl, xoxo

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