Today sucks…

Hello LazerGnators and random visitors of my website.. As you can tell today’s post isn’t going to be one of those filled with lots of love laugh and happiness. Nothing really happened no.  it was my day off and I had plans that got cancelled and it was another super boring day doing absolutely nothing and you know what? I’m not used to that. I’m always so busy and have plans but recently I have no one to make plans with…

yes I’m having one of those ‘moany’ days dont judge me.. we all go through periods of time like this when everything just gets to you.. Whatever its all over now, tomorrow I’m back at work and back to my busy routine until next day off – Thursday. I do love being busy! I do. 🙂 Also I have been doing so good with eating less and healthy and staying in doors in my free time and doing nothing just makes me wanna eat all the time? that is so frustrating!!! Hopefully it’ll get back to normal when I’m on my busy weekend working routine. Also I am super pissed off that my swimming pool centre is closed now for 7 weeks!!! whole 7 weeks without my swim!!! well.. of course not?? I mean did you seriously believe I could go that long without my swim? ugh noooo.. you clearly don’t know me that well haha. I will just have to find some other place to go to which is annoying since it will be further and more effort to get to and stuff.. but what can I do? :/

Also I can not wait for Sunday! I just love it at this Church I started going to and I can never wait to go again!! 🙂 I have their songs downloaded on my iTunes and I have them on repeat no stop!!! Haha. Crazy right? 😀 they just so so great!!!!


Anyways, I feel like I should at least add something positive to that post.. Well.. yes, I do have positive news to tell you. “WAVES” is now available for listen! Yes you read it right, WAVES is out!!! It will soon be on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other music platforms but for now you can listen to it on my Youtube account and on my website. 😉 Also Russian version of it will be coming out shortly for you my Russian listeners, and Broken Link is coming out soon too! So stay tuned and greater things are coming!


I hope you guys had a great week and your day was much better than mine and you have lots of positiveness in your life. Please feel free to send me an email or just leave a comment here on this post. I appreciate any correspondence.

I love you guys so super much and thanks for being who you are and for supporting me and being here for me, I appreciate it so much.

  • Much love, yours LazerG, xoxo.

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