What an excitement!!!!

Helloooooo LazerGNators and welcome back into another written episode of my life 😀 You are clearly enjoying reading my bullshit If you’re back here again. Thanks, means a lot! 😉 I hope you are all doing well and here’s what I got to tell you from this week..

First of all, work was super chaotic and tiring! Bank holiday weekend, it was unbelievably hot and busy, one of the days I even nearly fainted, felt like I didn’t have enough air.. (for those who don’t know, I work in the kitchen). But hey, its done and I believe we did well. Secondly, got a good damn bonus! Who doesn’t like a bonus? No one haha 😀

Latest TV was okay, done some voxpops on the streets, weather was grey and wet but we still managed to get it done. I didn’t look my best in my intro but hey its clearly weather’s fault right? 😀 Doing another interview this Tuesday. Glad that it is a proper interview, I am not a fan of Voxpop I’ll tell you that. Why’s that? well.. its hard enough being rejected by people in my normal every day life, but being rejected by people by just willing to talk to them about specific topic is the worst. Especially when you didn’t even tell them your topic yet. You knows whats the worst? When they don’t just reject you but when you catch them look at you so they know you talk to them and yet they totally ignore you and walk past??? -_- Hate those kinds people, like can you not see its not easy being on the streets in this weather with all this equipment trying to get people talking, maybe I spent most of my day here already?? Oh well. We got it done, the answers we got were great so I’m happy. And oh we even had one person who saw us from the day before and he was waiting for us to come the next day to get his answer on the topic. He was clearly a fan of the camera! haha I appreciate when people are that passionate. Also it was quite a feminine topic but yet he was the first person who responded and actually asked to talk about it for the camera, so he came to us not we came to him. haha funny enough right? (if you haven seen report the topic we covered was – luxury tax on period products)

Thursday.. Today.. Was a great day. It started with a huge excitement (I’ll leave it for last. Sorry!!!)
So I went to the swimming pool, as you know its my second home. Yes I did moan earlier in my post that it is closed, so at the moment I am traveling around different swimming pools around the areas and seeing where I like to settle. So I have been to King Alfred in Hove last week, it was nice. I actually liked their pool it is well big! The smell of chlorine is unreal! (for those who don’t know, I have a thing for chlorine. Yes I am crazy I know, don’t judge!! 😛 I do like the smell of it, I love absolutely LOVE smelling my hair and my towel after swimming!) Anyways, back to today.. Today I went to the one in Newhaven and that was alright. The pool is quite big (length wise) longer than Prince Regent and King Alfred I’d say? (wish I could insert my favourite thinking emoji here haha). But! Something there that I didn’t quite like.. Oh well, the smell of chlorine not strong enough like do you even use chlorine?? my hair smell totally normal and no I’m not okay with it! 😀 Also, their changing rooms are a bit gross. They don’t have a private showers which is a huge downside, I do like to wash myself properly after swim I’m paying money so I might as well use their services properly and save the water at home you know? So that’s a downside. Another minus is that their hairdryers charge you money to use them, 20p yeah may not seem a lot although why should I pay for it when I can use them for free in Prince regent and King Alfred you know? Also theres only two hair dryers that I have seen and luckily I didn’t have to queue up but I can imagine sometimes you’d have to? Also those 20p don’t even last long so you need to spend another on top of that. Which is a total rip off! Yes that is an issue especially for a girl with long and thick hair like me or to be honest to any girl with some hair. 🙂 So so far I am voting for Prince Regent and I can not wait till they open again, I do like King Alfred if not the extra distance. But for now it looks like it’ll have to be it unless… This coming week I am planning to check out pool in Lewes, who knows maybe it’s not bad over there? Also Newhaven one gets a minus for their price, Prince regent / King Alfred still works better price wise. But to end it on a plus side, I did still enjoy my swim today. Had two hour swim and yet that was not enough for me, my friend had to drag me out again haha! I just love water. Love pool. It makes me feel so at home you know? Like whenever I feel down, depressed, stressful or something is going on with me/my life I go to my ‘happy place’ that is swimming pool, it relaxes me, washes everything away. All problems, all the pain, all worries. I get dissolved in the water. I get my peace. <3 


Aaaaandddd.. lastly, or perhaps not quite? (again wish I could insert that thinking emoji damn it!) 😀
I AM GOING TO FREAKING DISNEY LAND GUYS A FEW DAYS JUST BEFORE XMAS!!!!!!!!! I am supper excited about that! I’m going to the Paris one, wish it was Florida but I am still well excited and still can’t believe it! I worked hard so am treating myself to this trip and I will have fun and enjoy it! And yes I am a huge fan of Disney in case you didn’t know that about me. Also I will hunt down my Prince Eric and will take a picture with him! If not.. well I haven’t considered that option? thinking emoji

And finally. Lastly! I have now submitted Waves, Broken Link and yes even BLUE! To iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other media platforms and online stores. So keep your eyes opened and your ears ready – it’s coming! 😉 Blue will be available for downloads from 1st October though, but everything else should be available within a week or two so stay tuned! Greater things are coming. 


I love you lots guys, please feel free to drop me an email or even comment under my posts, I am super excited to share these songs with you I can not wait till you hear them and give me your feedbacks and reactions, hope you like them. Still paling the music video for Blue. That is it for today guys, and oh wow compares to previous posts a lot has happened to me in this week, and actually most of that happened today! HAHA 😀


  • Much love, yours LazerG, xoxo

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