Food, friends, drinks and more drinks. And I think this is turning into a review? Lol

Alright.. To start off, I’d like to apologise for breaking a promise I made; to make this diary posts every Thursday.. I know it’s Saturday and some of you have been probably waiting but hey, here I am! Hope you’re all doing well and okay.. what do I even start with!????? 😀 

Friday after my Thursday’s post… Nothing special, I had work for the whole weekend. Sunday I went to Church as usual after work, for the evening service. This time I started making some friends which was great! Nice to connect with someone with same beliefs and interests. <3 

Monday.. Oh Monday was great!!! It was my day off, yes I have been given a day off for Monday. 🙂 So.. me and my friends Amanda and Georgia decided to meet up and go to a posh fancy restaurant in Lewes called AQUA. We were gunna dress up properly but weather wasn’t that great so we just went with fancy top and jeans. Still looked nice 😉 To start off, we of course got some drinks.

Some prosecco because why not, we had a lot of great things to toast to! 😀 and the main one was… for a new beginnings and independence! and to all the success that we have achieved this year so far (and oh trust me there is a lot actually, I’m so proud of myself and my friends!!! so much has changed since beginning of last year). So yes, to that!


Food. Lets move on to food! Oh my… the food was AMAZING! So we went with a set menu which was only like £12 for 3 courses? which is wow super cheap considering how posh this restaurant is and looking at their prices in the full menu! And you might think that the food from the set menu was meh.. Oh no you are SOOO wrong! It was absolutely delicious! So I dont remember the full names for it (I’m bad with that) so ill just describe what I remember from it 😀 I personally chose poached egg as my started since yes… it will be a shocker for you but I have never tried a poached egg before!!! So this was my first time yes. Haha 😀 And I LOVED it!! So it came on this toast with some spinach I think? friend onions, crispy bacon (maple I think it was) and from the taste of it a little bit of roast potatoes. DELICIOUS!!!

(If you don’t know me that well or don’t follow me on Instagram I’ll share a secret with you. I am obsessed at taking pictures of my food! Ask my friends 😉 haha. And oh yes, I’m one of those who takes a good 5-10 mins at picking the right angle, perfect lighting for it and making sure everything on the background looks great too. yes thats one of my weirdnesses? (once again, wish I could insert thinking emoji on here). So yes that was super tasty and I am well proud of my picture!)

For the main, we all went for pork chop with roast potatoes, kale and some gravy with cranberries. Oh my that was heaven!! Seriously. I want to get that again! I hate cranberries but they were so sweet and extra special like they superbly go with that meal!! Loved every bite. 😀 

(You may think the portions are quite small? yes they are. I was disappointed in that. AT FIRST! But then come on its a posh restaurant what do you expect? Plus.. I am usually a big eater, I can eat a lot.. But I could not finish my main how full I was. It is small but yet super delicious and very filling! Again here my pro pic that took me ages to get to the perfectionism 😉 haha)

And yes yes yes.. I said there was no room for more food, I didn’t even finish my main. BUT! But… There is ALWAYS room for some desert!! And come on I’m paying for a 3 course meal of course I’ll get a desert haha! So I got tiramisu. Love that stuff and haven’t had that for years, and now trying it at this place made me realise how I’ve been missing out. I loved this desert and now I can definitely say it is my favourite! Simple, refreshing and delicious!!

So the night was great. We loved the food, had great catch up. And laugh. And of course took some selfies!

Moving onto Tuesday.. Tuesday was okay. Nothing special although it did start ordinary with me going to get my favourite hazelnut latte from Starbucks before Latest TV, and doing my last interview since I am back at uni in few weeks so yes it was my last day at that TV station for the summer. Made a great interview, done some editing and then I met up with my friend from London again – Amanda, before she had to get her train back. Some stuff has happened so she needed some support and girly talks so yes.. wine got involved again. rolling eyes emoji. So that day has ended quite nicely and relaxing, with mixture of emotions. 

Wednesday.. Oh Wednesday was absolutely great!!! Despite the weather and me getting little ill thinking emoji. So.. Wednesday it was a shooting day for the BLUE music video! You probably don’;t know but for this music video I have a help from Domenico who owns super cool pro equipment and knows what he’s doing so the vid should look amazing! For the first day of shooting we filmed shots of me singing the lyrics and we chose location in Seaford on the background of cliffs. Sick location! Sick picture! Sick video is coming along.. <3 Super excited to finish it and share it with you! Got few more days planned of filming for the story parts of the video, not sure when it is happening now since weather is being a super let down now? thinking emoji. Just got to hope for the best. I’d like to be able to finish filming before back at uni and slowly start editing so its all done in mid or end of October at least. So fingers crossed! Here’s some pictures for you of my look from Wednesday’s shoot.

If you haven’t read my twitter or snapchat you dont know about that so.. when I finished my weird-looking makeup specially for the video.. I forgot that I had to run to the shop so I had to either go like this or try and hide myself a bit. so I went “undercover” so it looked like this 😀 

I still looked weird asf.. and had some weird looks but luckily it didn’t last long. 😀 

Thursday I managed to do four of my favourite things that I didn’t have time to do for a while; I cooked dinner at home which was spaghetti bolognese but Russian version which is slightly different and I prefer it (no hate, you haven’t tried) then I had a nice relaxing bath with my banana and coconut bath bomb and banana bath oil (yes if you don’t know me well you have just discovered one of my big obsessions – bath products, especially bath bombs.  I have a big collection! I also managed to read my book (in the bath which was even better!) and I went to see The Hitman’s Bodyguard with my best friend Georgia and oh my God absolutely loved that film!!! Super funny. If you haven’t seen – I recommend! So Thursday’s day off was a winner! And then Friday back to work and now Saturday here I am after long shift at work writing my diary, nearly falling asleep. Will jump into the shower in the second have my peppermint tea with chocolate cookies as I’m watching an episode of Grimm (which I need to catch up to and many more other series that I never have time for). But yeah today it will more likely be just an episode and then bed. So here I will finish my post… I hope you found this post more interesting than usual since I tried to get it more exciting and include more visuals, and also tried to share some personal stuff about me you may or may not known about me. So yes hopefully you enjoyed it and I will try and post something Thursday, if not I apologise in advance! 🙂 

Have a fab weekend and a great start of the week!

P.S. I am super in love with my new top! 😀 <3 


  • Much love peeps, yours LazerG, xoxo

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