Quality ME time! Baths, books and swim!

Helloooooo! Yes I am bad at keeping promise to be posting on here every Thursday.. But at least I still do find time to post something within a week! (oopsy)

I think today’s post is going to be pretty short since not much has actually happened that is exciting and worth sharing. I do have a lot going on on my mind I’m not sure I can share it with the world though, perhaps one day I’ll stop caring about what people will think and will actually say everything I think of. I do kind of use twitter for it actually as I can say so much more on it than anywhere else. 🙂 Anyways. Like I already said my week has been pretty normal. Been working and resting, yes actually resting finally! I finally managed to catch up with my reading and from less than a half of book left I’m now on nearly the end of it and its getting upsetting knowing that I am so close to the finish. I actually didn’t like the book at first but then forced myself to finish it and got so into it!


(In case you didn’t know, I’m type of a person who, when starts something – a film/a book/a game – I have to finish it. Maybe not straight away but I do get to the point where I’m like: righttttt, time to finish this and get it over with! So yah, I’m that kind of person. And so I am now close to be finishing that book and its sad). On the plus side, I have about 69 more books if not more (I lost the count!) LOL so that’s something to look forward to! 😉 I managed to find time to read as I’m on my way to work and from, rather than waste my time on social media lol. And also like I’ve mentioned last week I have had a bath and read my book while relaxing, and today too and actually same on Wednesday! Today it was a watermelon/melon bath smelled SOOOO delicious! 

(P.S. yes I’m not always just trying to look pretty, I can be weird asf and funny 😉 Okay?)

I have now have a day for the second shoot of my music video for the BLUE which is a good news and I’m looking forward to that! It’s Wednesday this coming week. On Monday, I am going to freshers of my friend and soul sister Georgia. Should be fun! Then little shopping with Athena and possibly few drinks after. So far good plans. University is coming very soon and my freedom will soon end. No days off coming.. so I am trying to enjoy those few that I have now. 🙁 Went swim on Thursday, 2 hour swim and of course I loved it and it was so nice and relaxing and tiring of course! I was gunna go today too after work but finished a bit later than was meant to, so decided to chill indoors and take a bath instead and catch up with my book like I’ve mentioned earlier. Thinking to go swim Monday if not then Tuesday or even both days! I’m addicted. I love water. I need it, its like I need it to breathe? 😀 you won’t get it.. it’s one of my weirdnesses again ok? (rolling eyes emoji. Wish I could insert them lol). 

I got new goodies that I’m happy about! This new top may seem similar to one I posted before but… no it is different and special! 😀 SO here it is.. and I love it!!!

and these lovely key rings!!!

Tomorrow… another working day and then Church straight after, looking forward to that! 
Oh forgot to mention watched IT film last Monday, was great! Funny and fudged up lol (Fudge is my replacement for *uck for those who didn’t know, so that’s short brief for that story: sometimes I do end up swearing at work or okay maybe not sometimes, but kitchen work aint always easy so dont blame me. So one of my colleagues takes piss out of me and moans when I swear even tho he does it himself so from then I replace it with fudge and everything else. That word now is also sort of banned since everyone knows its meaning now but hey ho its fun to use it. Its my thing. So now you know)So yes the movie was pretty confusing at first and no I have not seen the original so maybe that is why but then it was probably confusing for those who watched original too for the first time cos my guess is that its that type of a movie and you know what? I love fudged up films, they’re the best and the funniest! 🙂 So yeah it was good I recommend! Can’t wait till other great films come out it looks like theres a lot of great stuff coming out soon, especially waiting for Jigsaw oh my! CAN NOT WAIT FOR THAT!!!! 


Anyways, work is early tomorrow… Got to go.. Got to finish my tea and watch few episodes of Smallvile before I go to sleep. So hope you have a great day and weekend and a week since I will post something in a week again! 🙂 

  • Much love, LazerGnators and just visitors. Yours LazerG, xo

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