Prepare yourself – this will be LONG! I’m BAAACK!!! :D

2 weeks later and I am here! Sorry about that.. I have had so much going on and was also quite ill for some time so wasn’t leaving my bed. 🙁 I am now better though! I don’t even know what to start with… I have caught up with some films in the cinema with my friends.. So I did mention last time that we have watched IT. This week I have watched both: Kingsman: The golden circle and Mother!. Okay…. (as you know me well by now, I do have a thing about leaving some sort of a review on my social media or my diary so here it comes…) 

P.s. you knew this was coming 😉

So! Kingsman: I have watched the new one this Wednesday, and watched the first one for the first time the night before haha. My first thought were: this is soooo fudged up! (read previous post if you didn’t get what I mean by ‘fudged’) but yeah seriously what is going on in this film? I was watching and like what? That made me unsure whether I actually liked the film or not at first but then I watched the new one and… I actually got into it and I liked the weirdness and weird sense of humour in this film and yes it was well funny and a lot of action and great story overall. So I do recommend, it was quite a good film! 

(This picture sums up my ‘thing’ for cowboys, and no not Tatum (I’m gunna get hate now but thats my opinion OK!?) – he’s alright.. So yes not him. But cowboys outfit just daaaamn. Oh God you should so google up my favourite: Dean Winchester cowboy. (for those who don’t know he’s my favourite man on earth, him aka real name Jensen Ackles, and Chris Evans. And also for those who don’t know Dean Winchester is a Supernatural TV series character. One of the best ones;) lol. ) So yeah you’d get what I mean when you see it. So I felt the need to take that picture. And a few more…. that I am definitely not going to post! LOL!)

Mother!: One word…. WHAT??? or REALLY?? Seriously… whole film I was wondering what and why and how, what are these people doing, why are they like this, what is going on, who wrote that script? was the scriptwriter and producer on drugs or something? 😀 I do like weird and fudged up films but I thought that THIS was too much even for me! and if you know me well I do love crazy weird shit! 😀 lol I could never understand what is going on in American horror story when I first watched it, but then you kinda get into their weirdness and that mess but Mother! how can you just… what?? I could not process things well after that film and the film actually is very sensible and offensive.. You probably wouldn’t care but it did offend me, I nearly snapped and shouted at the cinema while watching this:

(short brief of that scene that touched me in a bad way): Lots of people. LOTS! like LOOOOOADSSS. All crazy as fudge and obsessed with main character (aka the poet/husband of the woman). His wife just gave a birth, they smash the house down burn shit do weird shit. (I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN IT you have to see it for yourselves if you really want to but! I felt like this was waste of time.) Anyway back to the point… She gave a birth, didn’t wanna trust her ‘going insane and loving the attention from these psychos people husband’ and give the baby to him but she fell asleep and there you go..  he has the baby and he runs out of the room and passes the baby to the crowd, the crowd holds baby up like on the concert ya know? and then someone hits the baby on the corner of the door (top corner of the door) and baby snaps.. few seconds later his wife runs forward through the crowd shouts cries.. next min she sees all the inside bits of a NEWBORN baby out and these people feed on it. like WHAT!???? how ?? how can you make this shit up and get away with it??? That just hurt my feelings so much.. (I freaking love kids and can’t wait to have a baby one day so if you know me well you know that this shit is so real for me and you’d get my reaction). so yeahhh….. thats my art of review of the mother. One sentence to sum this up: DONT WATCH IT, Waste of time! 

Moving on..

Since I swim a lot now, I have bought myself a baby after-swim shampoo. (because someone has suggested that to me) cos apparently its good and gets rid of chlorine and its also healthy organic etc so yes I got it to try and oh man it also smells super delish! Strawberry and mint – what a great combo!

This week I got some other goodies. AGAIN! (I am not going to share all of them, I’ll leave them for later to surprise you with 😀 (as if you really care. but oh well I will lol). 

(So this picture, those notebooks to be exact; so sum me up! they’re like made for me so you should understand what I felt the urge to get them all.)

(This top I had to get since it super describes me again. Like it’s two in one you know?? Ariel (we all know by now whats going on with that) and in case you didn’t know I have an obsession with nikes too. So yes two in one perfectly for me! I am loving the top! Simple yet meaningful.)

(Did a bit of a shopping with Athena last week and got that lovely dress that I have worn for Athena’s bday that I attended last Thursday after my afternoon swim. And I don’t usually like the way I look in dresses but now I’m becoming more happy with it. Same goes to skirt! And here you go, I bought this smart burgundy skirt (also got the same but black. you got to have classic of course) and this lovely green crop top! I am not a fan of green as you may know but!!! It soooo goes with my hair so recently I feel the urge to get anything green! so yes you may have noticed this by my recent pictures… following two pics after this paragraph)

Moving on.. I have purchased this old-fashioned but lovely hat! Yes you may not understand my love towards it, in fact the old me would never ever wear it in my life before but the minute I put it on for a joke I just fell for it. I thought it looks well nice on me so yes, I have a weird sense of style, my own style. I do not follow fashion if you didn’t know. I dont care what the crowd wears or thinks, I’m ME and I do what ME wants and likes. Please yourself only! My new motto. 😉

Next and lastly (for today) I bought this top because few days ago my manager asked me ‘Are you turning into a mermaid Di?’ And I just gave him a weird look as if how can he tell? LOL and he went like ‘You’re swimming like everyday’ then also someone commented on my picture the other day saying ‘I swear you live in the water’ so now look at this top and you will understand why I clicked ‘order’ the second it popped up in my news feed on Facebook. 

(I’m sorry but that is just a spot on! So about me, so relevant! so yes I can’t wait to get it and wear it. I also have purchased about 6/7 more tops (yes I lost count) lol and they are also swim and mermaid related, mostly swim. One of the is about my babe Dean that I’ve mentioned earlier. But like I said earlier, I will save those for next post. Perhaps by that time I’ll receive them and can actually post a pic of me wearing them. lol My friend Georgia saw pictures of them and she said: you should so wear every t-shirt to uni everyday and see if anyone notices anything. She basically challenged me lol)

I have been to church again twice since I last posted on here. First week I got some student goodies for free which was bible, this cute church cup, a book written by one of the church staff and there was more that didn’t go in the pic haha.

Spent lovely time with my girl Athena, catching up. 

On the way to her bday meal I had a pleasure to witness this natural beauty. I am so in love with this pic!! No filter either.

As I have mentioned earlier, I was ill so I was in bed for a few days.. My cat is super adorable!!! Was coming into my room jumping onto my bed and getting comfortable next to me, giving me cuddles and his affection. Isn’t he adorable????

As you can easily guess, I was going swim a lot lately. Surprisingly only took one selfie though haha.

Today… I have finally signed up for a swim membership since I did some calculations and it works out cheaper to actually get it rather than pay as I go like I used to do. So yes I have settled down with the one in newhaven since I decided that its works so well to be going swim 3 times a week straight after uni since when I get back to newhaven station the pool is few steps away. I will be also doing it on my day off – Tuesday and some other times after work that I can find but 3 days a week thats at LEAST so yes a membership was needed. So cheap £23 a month and that includes gym access too apparently and some classes!

Last time I went (forgot when it was cos its nearly every day now haha) I did 45 laps, today I did 60. Was difficult and I was doing pauses too so took a while but I have just started swimming properly, before it was more the case of just literally chill in the pool whilst now I actually exercise and do laps more and more every time that’s my task. See how it goes. But I love it so much I feel so great after a good swim! Bet you’re not surprised by that by now haha.

I had something else to tell you but I decided to keep it a secret. All I can say it’s a huge step in my career for me, but I dont wanna ruin things by saying it too early since I have notices whenever you say things to people something usually goes wrong so yes ill keep it quiet for now. But I am literally hugely happy!!!

Also I have signed up for small groups at church: Christmas choir (I am so glad I am typing this diary rather than video it since I hate pronouncing ‘choir’ I am still unsure how you properly say it I hate that word haha!) so this I will be doing every Monday so my routine will be Monday: Uni, swim then that group. Then on Wednesday it will be: Uni, Swim and Board games and chill group. I am so excited to start it, should be fun and I will get to meet more people which will be lovely! I have had my first filming day at church already btw and that went great I enjoyed it. Reminded me of my multi camera production exam when I also was a camera operator. Straight forward and most of the stuff is well similar and familiar so I cant wait to do more of it! 

Today was a first day back at uni and well theres nothing really to tell except from the fact that I have found out that I will actually have A DAY off!!! Tuesdays will be my only days off so I will leave it free for more swim (of course loil. come on you saw this coming) and for homework essays dissertation etc. I am not excited for this year I tell you that. It will be so much pressure so much work. Final year! Have to work extra hard. 🙁 I hope work won’t affect it but I will try my best… will see how things go. but I will not have a social life at all with how busy I keep myself lol although those church groups I guess is my way of getting away for a bit and socialising with a few people so this will work nicely 🙂

I guess that is it for now.. I don’t really have anything else to say, although I did say a lot already HAHA I think this is my  longest post ever I hope it was interesting to read at least and I guess I made it up for not posting for two whole weeks so there you go! I now need to get my tea and prepare myself for bed, it is an early night for me.,.. because I have 5am alarm tomorrow for work and it is stock up and defrost kind of shit so I will be in freezers and fridges most of my shift which I hate but I have to do it so yeah deal with it Lazer lol (talking to myself how sad I know). 

  • Much love peeps, I love you to the moon and back I hope you’re all well. Stay healthy, stay positive and great as you are and have a great weekend! I will hopefully post next Thursday as I should be doing every week (which clearly doesn’t work but I try lol) haha. And guess what I’m doing after work tomorrow? Yes you get it right – swim! Chao :* Yours Lazer, xo

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