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Hi everyone, I’ve returned! Hope you’re doing well. So I haven’t posted for two weeks purposely, so that I have a lot to tell you in one go. Also for the reason that I had something very exciting coming up and I didn’t wanna tempt the fate by telling you in advance so I had to wait until it’s in the process, which now you know what that is already since you’re following my social media. So yes.. I was trying to keep myself away from my diary to to give away that I had an interview with Italian online magazine that have published an article about me; which I’m guessing you may have already read. If not then here’s the link for you. (don’t worry it does start of in Italian indeed but then there’s an English version of an interview if you look carefully as you scroll down): http://www.wonderchannel.it/2017/10/02/intervista-a-lazergirl/ 

Well, I hope you liked the article. It’s a nice step forward for me! I would say huge, but since I have something bigger coming up I’ll leave it the way it is. (Again I won’t give details away until its nearly done, I used to have the habit of telling my plans in advance and then they just happen to not work out at all, so I stopped tempting the fate, so you just have to wait a little longer and find out what’s coming.) 

Anyway.. Think it’s like a tradition now for me to mention something about swim and post another swim selfie, don’t you agree? Anyway here it is..

You know this baby after-swim shampoo I’ve mentioned in the previous post that I am using now? It smells absolutely delicious, I keep using it all the time. And I think it does work a little, my hair don’t seem to be that dry and tangled after swim as they were before. So thats nice πŸ™‚ I have been getting up early and going for swims since I had super busy weeks and had to do a lot, therefore I was trying to get swim done before I had to do anything else. As you probably gathered from my twitter (if you are following me that is) is that I am barely getting any sleep recently and here’s why.. 

So, as you know I’m now back at uni…

which means 5am alarms for me (unfortunately).. πŸ™ I hate being up this early its so cold and just makes It even more difficult to get out of your bed.. Since I was so used to going bed late and could never fall asleep early even when I try and force myself to, I couldn’t sleep well and was barely getting enough hours of sleep. It’s sort of changed now in the way, and in the way not? πŸ˜€ I’ll explain..

So on Monday this week I went for swim early like I’ve mentioned earlier, then I met up with my work colleague for a drink and a chat, and then I saw my other work colleague and my friend for a cinema, and we have watched Flatliners together which was a great film btw. So on that day I was up early and went bed quite late.. Tuesday, I honestly don’t remember what happened Tuesday it was two weeks ago.. but I do remember going bed late again πŸ˜€ Wednesday it was ‘5am out of the bed – get ready for uni’ day. Thursday was another uni day, nothing’s interesting there. Friday-Monday work. Monday I was meant to be filming music video but it had to be re-scheduled for next Monday that is coming. (hopefully it will happen and go well. I do hope the weather won’t let me down again). So then instead I went for a swim earlier than I planned it and had a good two hour swim which caused me to be late for a meeting with my work colleague (we were meant to watch a film together and I was late.. and his phone wasn’t picking signal so I couldn’t let him know.. yep great!) so then I met up with a friend from London instead and ended up home late again… Next day, if you read my social media (again) – I had to be up early for London trip with Georgia and Sam! We had fun! So we had some food (of course, I mean how would we not? lol) and had lots of laugh. Then went on a boat that Sam kindly paid for cos he knows my obsession with water and how I feel when I’m around it. So that was lovely and beautiful! 

And after… we went to get some macaroons which I went crazy about and got 6! And you may think ohhh thats nothing. Excuse me?? Did I finish my point? NO! They’re giant macaroons! So yes…. I went totally crazy but hey ho, do I get to eat them often? no, don’t think so.. The ones I tried here in Brighton are crap, they make me say – I hate macaroons, but I love the ones at PAUL (great place, costly; but amazing quality and so worth it!). So if you haven’t tried I recommend. My favourite one (and actually by favourite I mean the only one I actually eat since I don’t eat any other macaroons) is the Pistachio flavour. It’s precious!! Anyways, here’s some pictures of me being a tourist. πŸ˜‰ 

And now to the most exciting bit of the trip…. we went to see a play! Not just a play.. Shakespeare’s play at Shakespeare’s globe!!! The play was: Much Ado About Nothing. (And even though I was struggling understanding it in some places, I still really liked it.) It was a great play, very sad at some point, and romantic and funny performance, all in one! The actors were amazing! If you haven’t seen perhaps you should consider watching it, now.. I’d like to go and see some more plays!

The play was 3 hours long!!! I mean its totally fine, it went very quick and didn’t feel like 3 hours but!!! Since it also started quite late… I got home just after 2am.. and I had to be up at 5am for uni, you know what that means right? yes, I didn’t get any sleep.. I just stuffed myself with lots of coffee the next day and no that didn’t even last long.. or should I say it didn’t even help.. I survived the lesson but decided to skip swim to gain my energy back for the evening.. (ill finish that thought later, lets talk a little about my lesson before I carry on):

I am studying Broadcast Media BA (in case someone doesn’t know); one of the new modules I have this year is: Sound Design, at first I was like meh don’t wanna do that but then when I found out what exactly it is I got super excited and interested! So… we have 3 different movies one is horror (which happened to be Walking Dead) I personally wouldn’t class it as a horror but okay… The one after I have no clue yet teacher haven’t decided, but it will be a sci-fi film and 3rd one will be some animated film. So, we have to create a sound effects for the 2 minute clip of each of those films from the scratch. And you may think oh that’s nothing (yes that’s what I thought at first until we actually got to try to do this). So here’s about 5 seconds (if not less) action happening a girl gets her sword out of its case or whatever its called (so that makes noise number 1), then as she swings it up it makes a second noise, then she sliced the head of a zombie (sound number 3), a head falls on the floor and makes sound number 4, then a whole body of a zombie falls (sound number 5), at the same time you can hear other zombies on the background (sound number 6, perhaps a few sounds actually?), then some background noise of trees/birds/wind (sound number 7 if all in one sound) and that is only around 5 seconds of an action. So now imagine 2 minutes of things like this going on, how much sound effects would we need to produce? And we only have two weeks for that (two lessons), well.. its one lesson now. It is really fun though! all about your imagination too!! So, this Wednesday we have been smashing some fruits and veg to create sounds for : slicing zombies head, head falling, pushing zombie away, stubbing zombie, walking sound, sound of clothes when character moves, dropping a rucksack on the ground and sounds of getting a sword out of the case. That was very funny and messy lesson! poor cleaners, I feel their pain!!! 

(I have some videos too, you can find them on my Facebook)

So back to the point of lack of my sleep, after lesson I had a nap instead of swim (yes I know, shocking for you isn’t it? but I had to have some energy for the evening) So. It was my first day at a small group – Board Games with people from Church, and I am still quite new to the Church and I had to start making some friends and this group was a great opportunity, and oh I love board games! The group starts at 7:30 pm so as you see the energy was needed. It was really fun day though, the people I met are so friendly and lovely and I’m glad I’m getting to know them all! I can’t wait now for the next Wednesday. And to see them on Sunday too. πŸ™‚ The group was supposed to finish at 9:30 but we all stayed a bit longer since we were really enjoying our time, so that got me home for around 12:30 am.. and I had to be up at 5am again, for 6 hour lecture!!! Christ I didn’t know how I was gunna survive that with amount of sleep I had for the past few days but! I did.. done a lot of research for my dissertation and even after 6 hours of theory I spent my 2 hours on the train (my journey back home) doing more research reading. Crazy right? 

So I have chosen my topic for my dissertation which will be: Music Videos. But of course we have to be more specific and need to have a research question. So I was considering something about storytelling in modern music videos, whether they still tell us a story and hide messages within the music videos or not. But now since I started doing my research I am finding it very difficult to find relevant information, so I might change my question slightly towards the area of music video genres? I will see how it goes. But for my practical part of this module I will be producing my own music video for “Blue” which as you know I have already started working on. πŸ™‚ 

And as I said earlier my sleeping routine was always bad, I always went bed very late and was up relevantly late. But now since I’m always up at 5am and so on, my body gets super tired from like 8/9pm which is super early and unusual to me! But that is good, I will soon hopefully get back to a good sleeping routine after I sort some things out. I think swim helps too, it does make me quite tired and drained.

Alright now since I think I’ve spoken about everything I can move on to my usual: Reviews. Haha I swear it’s like my thing now, to give at least one review in my diary post πŸ˜€ 

  • so Flatliners film: great film, nothing to be moaning about, great story, great actors choice, well directed and filmed. Simply – recommend!
  • Wagamamas: Had it in London before the boat trip (like I’ve mentioned) and here’s a part where I’m gunna get a lot of hate, but I honestly do not care. it’s my personal opinion, my personal diary and I share what I think. So: I had salmon teriyaki noodles whatever they’re properly called then those fried dumplings with duck inside, and mushroom aubergine bun starters.

(Got to admit my picture is damn good)

So: Superly overpriced food, don’t even taste that great. Like that salmon was dry and plain, it was meant to be teriyaki as well and you could only taste like a drop or two of teriyaki on top of it and no flavour after. (I know what I’m saying, agree or not but I know how to make a nice salmon; also I tried many different places that do that dish so I can compare). Noodles that went with it: Nice ok, although it tasted like plain boiled noodles that were then fried with soya sauce that I easily do at home but difference is, they’re a) overpriced and b) at home I add other nice bits to it to give it more flavour. Those duck dumplings starters whatever they’re called: absolutely dry and taste disgusting, especially the sauce they come with. But that might be just me not being fun of it, although dumplings were way too over-fried. That a mushroom aubergine starter bun – absolutely delicious, cant complain, would happily get more of that, although the actual bun gets a bit too much. πŸ™‚ So my advice don’t try this place if you still haven’t; it is way overpriced. Try sushi mania instead – great place, half price before 5pm, reasonable prices (p.s. when you do go for half price before 5pm, its everyday btw; make sure to half the price, cos on the menu they show full price, so half it), they have differ range of food, best sushi I tried in the UK! Their teriyaki salmon/chicken is well nice. And so much more there to chose from! 

  • Prawn cocktail – I honestly don’t remember the name of that place, but it’s small cosy Italian restaurant that is run by a family, it is more like a private restaurant, its well small and not known by a lot people, it’s in Newhaven as you cross the road from the Newhaven South Way bus stop its in the corner. That prawn cocktail, is the best looking prawn cocktail I’ve ever seen!


  • And I’ve seen a lot (it’s my favourite starter). Taste wise – meh, I wouldn’t say its great, I’m used to a certain flavour of prawn cocktail and their one tasted more tomato’y/ketchupy. I tried way better. Donatellos for example! Or Sea of spice in Rottingdean do a nice one, or my favourite is at Bella Napoli down marina. 
  • American: Black cherry cream soda: Absolutely delicious!!! Tried it at Pizza Hut with Athena before we watched Flatliners and oh my I loved that drink, I also tried cream soda (vanilla flavour) few days later and didn’t like it as much but that is just me, I’m not a fan of vanilla. Basically – I recommend!

Lastly on reviews note, someone has left me a very nice review on iTunes for my “Music Inside Me” album and I would like to thank you whoever you are and I’m super glad you loved the album and decide to purchase it, means a lot! I am also delighted to hear that you relate that it is dancy/party album; that is exactly what I was trying to aim for and as I can see now it totally worked. I’m glad my audience perceived it in the way I tried to deliver it. That’s amazing!!

And now to the goodies part of my post. So I had mentioned to you in my previous post that I have few tops coming that I wanted to save to share in today’s post and here it is, I’m in love!

(Absolutely freaking love these tops! Of course I got them all in my favourite colour and of course they’re all swim related cos they just describe me so well, except from the middle one I just thought it’s funny :D)

Yes I have very similar tops but this is specially for autumn/winter times as you see its a jumper. And oh yes it is very green! I hate green like I keep saying, but it does go with my hair very well. So hey ho! Oh and I tried to do something new with my hair as you see πŸ™‚ 

That is it for today guys. I’m back at work tomorrow and the rest of the weekend. Unfortunately the only exciting plans for the weekend I have is church after work on a Sunday and that is it.. I hope you have more fun weekend than I will and I will post for you next week or the week after (depending how much I will have to say). 

Oh sorry! Nearly forgot to mention! I am working on a few new songs so stay tuned and they’re coming soon! I love you to the moon and back, have a fab weekend! 

  • Much love, Yours Lazer, xoxo

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