Lots of excitement – I’d call this one. :)

Hello my dear friends.. I know I suck at keeping this going, I have promised to write every Thursday and I haven’t been writing anything for over a month now.. But, I do have some exciting things to share with you now! 

I have had a great time recently, enjoyed catching up with my friends and in fact, made new friends too. My life has changed a lot recently, as I have been going through a lot of things.. Firstly, I have had my directing experience in church now (don’t remember if I have mentioned it before or not? it’s been so long) but anyways, it was so straight forward and I knew what I was doing so it went well. I made a few more friends at Church which is great.

I have finally came to the conclusion that I haven’t been exactly living the life that God would want me to, and I came to a realisation that I need to have a fresh start, so I am getting baptised soon; probably in the end of January from the looks of it. I had to start my story for my baptism to inspire others and show my journey with Jesus. I am very excited for it! πŸ™‚ 

I have done so many fun things recently that I wanted to do for ages! Been ice skating twice in past 3 weeks, done lazertag and been to Thorpe Park before Halloween. Been taught how to play pool (because yes I haven’t really played before and had no clue how to, and now I’m kind of getting there) This was all so fun! 


I have finally been filming for “Blue” music video again! The shooting was amazing! It was insanely cold and I was wearing a big puffy dress that everyone who walked past either called me Ariel or a Princess or a bus driver who said ‘I’m sorry but we don’t go to Disneyland’ πŸ˜€ Definitely stood out and got lots of attention haha! But yes it was ABSOLUTELY freezing!!! It wasn’t easy acting “all in love” with an actor I hired and look happy when you’re shaking and cant stop thinking about getting a hot cup of drink. But from what I briefly seen so far I think it still looks great! I can’t wait to get my hands on the project and start editing! (super excited!) <3 

I honestly have no clue when music video for Blue will be out, since there is a lot of files to edit and I want it perfect and I do have a very busy routine so it will be tricky to find time to edit it, especially with all the uni assignments I have coming but I will try my best! πŸ™ because I am superly excited to see the final results too!!! 

Here are some sneak peaks for you from last shooting πŸ˜‰

And of course I have been going swimming as always, so of course I have taken some swim-selfies πŸ˜‰

I have purchased myself Fitbit Ionic (latest version) specially for my swim and I have became so obsessed with it, I am super amazed how it can tell how much time I spent sleeping and in what sleep stages and that it actually does work out how many laps I did during my swim, its amazing! It also showed me how unhealthy I am with me constantly keeping an eye on my heart-beat rate. Need to improve on that..

I also can’t wait for Disney land that I’m going to now in less than a month, OMG!! I can not believe how fast time has gone… crazy! I have also completed my Xmas shopping already, just got few little bits to add to some presents and I’m all done, just need to start wrapping! Hope you’ve already started planning your xmas presents because time flies so fast! πŸ˜‰

Oh btw, nearly forgot about my usual reviews! So.. I don’t remember if in my last post I have written a review for Jigsaw (so sorry if I did and am repeating myself) but it was AMAZING! Loved it, good story with a good twist, like I did not expect what happened I was like WHAAAT? Mind blown.. Not giving anything away so no worries, I’m not the type to spoil! πŸ™‚ A negative comment id give is – wouldn’t class it as a horror, not scary at all, not even a little jumpy. But then I’m a freak I never get scared so who knows maybe some of you would find it scary πŸ™‚

Happy Death Day: Brilliant, great film! Absolutely loved it. So interesting! Through the entire film you’re just trying to figure out who can it be that keeps murdering her then you think you know it and then you dont, and you finally do because the main character figures it out and then nope nope nope she’s wrong – so basically its awesome! watch it if you still haven’t and try figure out who the killer is πŸ˜‰

Snownan: (and no its not a xmas film before you think it is) I personally loved the film, my friend didn’t she thought it was a bit boring but then me personally – I’m into detective shit I always likes mystery, criminology and stuff like that so I found it well interesting. πŸ™‚ but I can see why it would be boring it isn’t a very exciting film indeed, but it matched my interests so I have enjoyed it. if you like police, detective, investigation crime shit – thats a great film for you!

Murderer on an express: (or whatever it was called) same here again, if you like detective investigation stuff – you’ll like the film. I did! Was well good, with a big twist! Didn’t expect the ending…

A Bad Mom’s Xmas: Great film, good for a laugh. Lots of fun moments, too many pervy comments though but if you like that kind of humour – thats the film for you πŸ™‚

Thor Ragranok: Great film, absolutely funny! Never liked Thor (dont hate me I just never did, he’s not my favourite for sure) but after the new film I started to like him, great story, good variety of humour and great to see few characters together!

Justice League: (Im a marvel girl, but I do like superhero stuff so I watch DC too, in fact I’m a superman fan and Wonderwoman) So.. film was great! Loved seeing variety of charters together especially my favourites: Wonderwoman and Superman and I did like Flash as well. Flash was the funniest one! He made the film, I believe. Dc have learned to bring their films to another level for sure, same with marvel actually. I feel like since Deadpool has been released they have taken so much feedback on how different it is, and inappropriate in some ways and hilarious so now if you look at new Thor and Justice League you can see that they have taken it to the next level, its not dragging boring superhero shit anymore (dont get me wrong I loved it Im a huge fan) but! now its absolutely funny comedy like film, that is just so easy and fun to watch and time flies so fast and when its over, you leave the cinema – check time and you’re like “wow holy moly”! If you know what I mean? so I definately see improvements. Anyways, back to the Justice League, like I said great to see great characters work together. Funny content, story – not as good, for me personally I thought the story was 3/10. πŸ™‚ 

Thats it with the reviews for now. I will be seeing Daddy’s home 2 very soon so will keep you posted on that!

Don’t really have any items/clothes reviews this time. Bought myself a pandora ring though the other day and I am so in love!!! Was quickest decision of my life as well…. Went to get myself a seahorse charm that I wanted for ages and saw this bright green ring and was like I waaaaant it.. And yep got it! And yes I know I said I hate green colour and recently I have been wearing it a lot “because it goes with my hair” but now I believe it is my favourite colour… after Blue of course πŸ˜‰

Anyway, enough about my personal life. Heres another great musical news! I have had a new song released called “Loneliness is the Ocean” but it’s in Russian, it is a calm song where to tell how I feel I have used the language of waves and the sea. I am well pleased with the result of the song, and even if you are English speaker you might still love it since I have already heard a great feedback from English speakers about this song, they’re loving it! So I hope you will too. 

That is it for today.. Sorry again for not posting for a while. I’ll try to improve on that. Hope you have a great rest of the week and weekend and I will post something soon I hope! Love you lots,

  • yours Lazer, xoxo.


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