LazerGirl is a Brighton based European Electronic Dance Music singer and songwriter. She is bright and full of sass, just like her music. Her pulse racing dance music with a euro twist allows her to stand out from the crowd as her style is fresh and catchy; each song is packed full of energy. LazerGirl, was born in Eastern Europe. This means that she is fluent in both the Russian and English languages mixing them seamlessly in her music. To add a further twist, she cleverly adds Spanish and draws inspiration from personal experiences and environment in order to complete her unique sound.

LazerGirl, in her early 20’s, is managed by Brighton based entrepreneur Steve Barrey through Constellation Management Ltd who provides support and guidance. These two talents began working together in 2019 and achieve plenty in the first few stages of their plan to create something fresh in the market and break-through. Together, with support from friends and family, they are helping her achieve long standing dreams. LazerGirl recalls starting her music career on her own, at the age of twelve, she wrote her first song and records it at a friend’s studio. The song is still popular in her hometown and motivated her to pursue her dream of becoming a full time recording artist.

She is now working and preparing for her professional debut and is ready to illuminate the stage and she is already carving a way into the spotlight. She has a community spirit and supports others, with performances at local charity events and sponsors the Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice in Sussex.

She loves to keep the other half of her life private to leave to the fans and everyone else a little mystery; very few know her real name. She chose to call herself LazerGirl because of her love of bright colours and a desire to stand out. She compares her music and appearance to laser light. ‘It’s eye-catching and hypnotising, you can’t miss it! That’s why I’m LazerGirl.’

LazerGirl, with a strong and tough personality, is a good example of an independent and powerful woman who is knows what she wants and is not afraid to say. She always aims high and fights for what she wants and never gives up. Her fashion sense is her own, she does not follow others. ‘I don’t follow fashion – I make it’. She chooses bright colours that you may not expect to work well together, but she always seems to pulls it off. ‘I love everything bright and extreme. I like to be noticed, I’m not afraid of attention. Similar to laser lights, they are bright and eye-catching. It’s what I want to be. I’m LazerGirl’

If dance music is not your thing, you will still discover an interesting bold singer. She receives admiration for her tracks that are instantly addictive and also for her bright, provocative image; flaming hot red hair, killer spiked heels. She combines this with revealing dresses and hints of gold. This bright young talent is bursting with ideas, creativity and determination. She is climbing toward the next level of her career and is certain to make it to the top. LazerGirl is one of the most exciting local artists of the decade. It’s clear that LazerGirl’s future is as bright as her name